Core values of enterprises

Honest work, honest life

Corporate vision

Build a century of Shengrun
Build a permanent foundation

Enterprise mission

Let every employee of Shengrun live a happy life

Enterprise management concept

Indicators for all
Everyone is in charge
Pay attention to implementation at all levels
Everyone is supervised

Enterprise team view

Flowers bloom in spring
A single show is not spring

Enterprise marketing strategy

Quality first, innovation first, recasting then quality

Enterprise marketing concept

The company requires the salesperson - the salesperson to be a "wolf" and a "face" person! Shengrun company doesn't welcome the salesmen who don't want to face, because they can only sell the products at a reasonable price; ensure that the front-line workers have jobs; they have high incomes; the salesmen who have the money to educate their children, maintain their families and honor their parents are considered to have faces, otherwise you are a person who doesn't want to face, is unqualified and will be laid off immediately. The salesperson should be like a wolf, with a keen sense of smell, the courage to fight, and the perseverance to pursue, so that you can achieve good results. Otherwise, you will "starve to death" and be eliminated by nature.

The company requires production personnel - it's our duty to produce qualified products; the company's "sinner" is to produce unqualified products; the inventory and loss will be caused due to the sale of defective products, which may lead to the company's operating difficulties and staff layoffs. Therefore, in order to ensure that most people's pot, we must smash the "sinner" - your bowl.

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