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You are welcome to visit the website of Shandong Shengrun Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shengrun group). This website is a "window" of Shengrun group's information opened for the vast number of friends, so that you can learn more about us and pay attention to us. We are willing to become friends with people from all walks of life through this "window", cooperate sincerely, create brilliance together, and finally build this website into our exchange Window, the bond of friendship and the bridge of cooperation.

Shandong Shengrun Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. After nearly 20 years of development and growth, the company has grown from small to large, product categories from single to multiple, and enterprise competitiveness from weak to strong. Now it has grown into a cross industry and cross regional operation group company mainly composed of textile production and trade, port logistics and high-tech. Textile is the starting industry and traditional industry of the group. However, Shengrun group, through continuous R & D and innovation, adheres to the differentiated development path. After years of exploration and practice, it has transformed from a traditional textile industry into a sunrise enterprise in the textile industry. It has gained good reputation and a large market share in the industry, and has become the largest functional acrylic yarn production in China The base has a production capacity of nearly 40000 tons and a sales revenue of more than 1 billion yuan. As an infrastructure and long-term charging project, the port logistics sector has laid a solid foundation and guarantee for building a century old Shengrun and building an evergreen base industry. As the largest inland water rail and water transport terminal in Jiangbei and the only one in Shandong Province, Jiaxiang port has a total investment of 750 million yuan, echoing the group's investment in Yicheng port and Tengzhou port in Zaozhuang , mutual support; the high-tech sector follows the pace of the development of the times, enters the field of science and technology, enhances the vitality of the enterprise, creates conditions for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and accumulates momentum for the further development of the enterprise.

Shengrun group always adheres to the core value concept of "being honest and doing things in good faith", takes "building a century old Shengrun and building a evergreen base industry" as the development vision of the enterprise, and takes "truly let every Shengrun employee live a happy life" as the mission of the enterprise. The company adheres to the two wheel drive mechanism of humanized management and strict compliance with the system. Through the labor union, the company allows its employees to participate in the company's management, and regards Shengrun group as a platform for happy work and development. With strict process and high standard work requirements, the company controls every quality link, strives for perfection and continuous improvement, and provides customers with higher value products and services We are committed to building a standardized and honest modern enterprise that is responsible for the society, customers and employees.

Because of your concern, our business has become more important, because of your support, our enterprise has been growing. The road of development, a long way to go, we are willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to build a new mileage!

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