Brief introduction of enterprise legal person

1569145146472570.jpgSong Xin Province, male, born in Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province in December 1972, Han nationality, has successively won "national advanced individual in textile industry safety production", "excellent entrepreneur in Shandong Province", "Shandong textile entrepreneur entrepreneurship Award", "representative of Jining Municipal People's Congress", "Jining outstanding young entrepreneur", "Jining labor model", "vice president of Jiaxiang Charity Association" , President of Jiaxiang Young Entrepreneur Club and other honorary titles.

Song Xin province always adheres to the core values of "being honest and doing things in good faith", and leads the employees to forge ahead with dedication and indomitable will. After more than ten years of development, the company has developed from an unknown small enterprise into a collection of textile, port, heat, import and export trade, high-tech quartz crystal production and manufacturing As a diversified, cross industry, cross regional operation group company, the group has a total assets of more than one billion yuan, with more than 1700 employees.

At the same time of vigorously developing enterprises, comrades of Song Xin province put the maintenance of the interests of the masses and the performance of social responsibilities in an important position. It has also made positive contributions to social donation and charity. Over the years, he has donated millions of yuan to social vulnerable groups and social public welfare undertakings, offered a love for the society, won praise from all walks of life, and established a good social image. Song Xin province Comrade was elected as "vice president of Jiaxiang County Charity Association" for his outstanding contribution to public welfare undertakings.

20 years of ups and downs, 20 years of sharing weal and woe, 20 spring, summer, autumn and winter, 20 degrees of rain, snow and frost, 20 years of mountains and mountains splitting, annotate the transformation and development of Shengrun group. After hard work, Comrade Song Xin province has achieved fruitful results, which has been unanimously recognized by all sectors of society!

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