Caoxian Beikong Shengrun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Caoxian Beikong Shengrun Thermal Power Co., Ltd., located in Caoxian, Heze, the city of peony, is the only enterprise providing central heating service in Caoxian. The company was registered and established in February 2013, with an investment of 360 million yuan. It has built a heat source plant, laid a pipe network of more than 30000 meters and a total heating area of 12 million square meters. The first phase of the project has been completed.

In the winter heating service in 2013, Cao county Beikong Shengrun Thermal Power Co., Ltd. used advanced heating technology, paid attention to the efficiency of heat conduction and timeliness of heating service, guaranteed the heating temperature of residents, and won the unanimous praise of the warm people in Cao county. With the further development of construction and the improvement of supporting equipment in each community, heating will gradually radiate to each community in the county.


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